Monday, January 26, 2009

Euphemisms: Chapter 1

Put the Clothes in the Closet
Fire off an Email to the Boss
Keep the Dog on a Short Leash
Mail a Letter to Dear Abby
Put the Lotion in the Basket
Sing the National Anthem
Stick the Landing
Ride the Tilt-A-Whirl at the County Fair
Shovel the Sidewalk
Wash the Dirt off your Shoes
Get Change for a Fifty
Throw Bananas at the Monkey Cage
Fly over the Grand Canyon
Blow up the Birthday Balloons
Add some Chocolate to your milk
Keep your taxes down
Boil the Hot Dogs
Ride the Painted Pony
Add a Dash of Salt
Bolt the Shed Door
Call Out Bingo
Buy a new Garage Door Opener
Be there around 6
Bake some Christmas Cookies
Pick all the Strawberries you can eat
Salt the Driveway
Split the Uprights
Order a Submarine Sandwich
Slide into the Deep End
Grill up some Salmon Steaks
March in the St Patricks Day Parade
Host a Dinner Party
Fire a SCUD Missile into the Mediterranean Sea
Take out the Garbage
Freeze the Leftovers
Take the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl

These can mean whatever you think they should mean.

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