Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book of Buster: Verse 2, Chapter 1

And so it came to pass that all creatures great and small were given one hot dog each to do with as they pleased. The "great" creatures ate their hot dogs immediately and asked for another one with mustard this time. The "small" creatures took a few bites and then threw the rest away, saying they had a "big breakfast" that day. This enraged the "great" creatures, who were shocked at the wasted half-dogs that were lying in trashcans all over the universe. The "small" creatures then called the "great" creatures "gluttonous pigs" which sparked a huge war that lasted thirty-five million years. "The War of the Dogs" was immortalized in the skies as the constellation “Fat Dog”. It consists of one giant star across from one tiny star, with millions of red and yellow stars in between them. It is, by far, the most delicious constellation ever imagined. Glory be to condiments.

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CB said...

Hehehehe... You need to write a book of verses or something.

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