Friday, August 7, 2009

The Twitter Blackout of '09


Twitter blackout left users feeling 'naked'

Apparently, was down for about two hours yesterday morning. I know, two hours. Not two minutes, that would have been manageable. Two. Hours. According to the article above, users felt "jittery" and "naked" and one "social communications" expert compared the outage to breaking your writing hand or having a stroke. Some users commented they felt like "their heart was gone" or "they felt empty inside".

I'm sure when Twitter came back up, everyone was relieved to be able to get back to telling every internet person what they ate for lunch or what color shoes they were wearing and their hearts grew three sizes and their souls came back.

Is it any wonder that I don't take anything on the internet seriously? I can't really add anything to the article above, I think it speaks for itself. But like they say in the article, I will say that you should put together a backup plan. For the sake of your children, have a backup plan. If Twitter hits the dirt again, and it might (Maybe even for three hours, or a half a day!) then for Christ's sake have a backup plan. Don't just run around with no heart and empty insides trying to talk to people or write letters or operate a telephone. I think we need a minimum of 15 backup twitter sites (Spitter, Shitter, Whipper, Whittler, Flipper, Whistler, etc.) just in case this ever happens again. Make it 30 backup sites, and maybe a state-issued megaphone for every man woman and child. This way, you can stand on your lawn and use the megaphone (if it has a siren button, use that first to alert everyone of the incoming message) to let everyone know what TV show you are about to watch.

"I am cooking white rice and beans! LOL! *feedback*"
"What is the deal with BRITNEY SPEARS! Give it up girl! LOL LOL! *feedback*"
"My kneecap itches! And I can't find my HARRY POTTER KEYCHAIN! *feedback*"
"I just pooped a little bit while I was on my treadmill! I can't wait to have waffles for dinner! ROAFMEALORMQWF!!"

Anyway, I will now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. Don't get caught with your twitter-pants down again, damn you. (Twitter-pants is a registered trademark of Millions of Atoms limited.)

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