Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you do?

I was reluctant to jump on board the whole myspace/blog/online journal/etc thing, but here I am after all. The blog wave crashed over me and dumped me on the shoreline with seaweed in my hair and my bathing suit almost pulled off. How embarrassing.

Anyway, I hope to use this space to write down things as they pop into my head. Probably nothing too personal; just things I observe that make me laugh, or think, or think about laughing, or laugh about thinking. If you are reading this now, hopefully you aren’t expecting too much. If you stare at this thing too long, you’ll burn your eyes out. Trust me on this.

I will say this, not everything here will be factual. Don’t come here expecting hard hitting topical essays. Most of the things I write are nonsensical and whimsical and other “-icals”. Have fun, and remember…

There is only one “I” in Sammy Davis Jr.

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Anonymous said...

How can a new father, of twins no less, have time to blog? I share the Oprah concern with you but what can the average citizen do?

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