Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Blog Titles

‘Millions of Atoms’ was kind of a spur of the moment decision for a title to this blog. I considered changing it to ‘Millions of Adams’, but I think that is too many Adams. So I started thinking of other potential titles. Here is what I came up with (I like making lists):

--Dead-On Balls Accurate: My Life and Times
--Goodnight Moon, Hello Heroin
--A Pen in One Hand is worth Two in the Blog
--Doctor Feelawful
--Fatty Fatty Hamburger Patty
--Blog Cabin Tales and Funny Slapdashery
--One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blog Fish
--Words in a Row (with occasional Punctuation to break up the long rows of words)
--Pimpmaster General Laying Down the Law
--Automatic High-Five Generator
--Distilled Awesome with a side of “Hell Yeah!”
--Lists of Things and Stuffs
--T.G.I. Shut It
--Aiming for Heaven, Shooting my Foot Off
--B.L.O.G. (Bullshit Legend Of God)
--10 pounds of Blog in a 5 pound Blag
--A Tale of Two Shitties
--The Really New Testament
--Absurdity 2.0
--Tripping on Daisies and Hanging my Hat on a Rainbow
--Reflections from the Lake of Wonderment and Beauty
--Bunny Tales and Puppy Years
--Millions of Apples
--The Guiding Force for All Existence in Every Universe
--Lipsmackin’ Fingerlickin’ Chicken Pickin’ Hoedown Shootout
--Cursing in English, Loving in Spanish, Writing in Latin and Eating Chinese
--Bologna Sandwiches; hold the Funny
--The Great Glass Blogavator
--Wish in one Hand and Blog in the Other, see which one fills up first
--It was the Blog of Times; it was the Blog of Blog
--Bloggie Jean is not my Lover
--Ye Olde Bloge
--Fifty Ways to Blog your Blogger
--Elemental Jackass: One man’s journey into the world of Forbidden Comedy
--Sequential Horse’s-Assery
--Climbing Mount Hilarious: A Journal of Comical Cuteness and Withering Death
--The Bible

In the end, I’ll probably just stick with what I’ve got; or maybe ‘Millions of Richards’.

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Chrissy said...

Hands down, it has to be fatty, fatty hamburger patty.

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